Fallon International is a main distributor of advanced machine tools and related technology equipment in the Untied Kingdom. We provide engineering and support services for manufacturers of precision machined parts in all industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy and medical. We are committed to helping our customers gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace by providing the most advanced automated machine tools and robotics automation available.

Helping our customers do more with less entails more than providing the most advanced technology—it requires a clear understanding of manufacturing challenges and how to produce parts better, faster, and more profitably. Getting the most out of your precision machinery demands the best application engineering and process expertise.

We are continuing to develop our service strategy and this coupled with our vast range of diverse products suits both the changing needs of traditional industries and the newer industries that have now emerged within the market.

We pride ourselves on the excellent level of customer satisfaction that is part of the reputation we have been known for during our years of servicing the needs of Industry. Our internal and external sales staff receive regular structured training to enable them to continue to offer a high level of customer service on our wide range of Industrial and engineering products.

Please contact our highly experienced sales team for more information on how we can offer you the most cost effective solutions for your next project.

Our Products

Tools, Testing, and Measuring
Safety Equipment
Wiring Devices
Electrical Distribution Equipment
Termination, Tape, Splicing and Marking
Wire and Cable

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